Update! 6/24

divider7Hi! It’s been soooo long. How are you guys doing this summer?! (◕‿◕✿)

Even though I don’t really play graal anymore, I thought I would post some of my old

custom because I’ve been bored hehe.

Enjoy! ✧




Green <3


Hiii, Long time no see! I brought an edit today. It’s a blonde noob head with green eyes and a cute heart on its head. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to post that much.. but anyhow, happy new year and stay warm

xoxo, elesis




divider5.gifHi! I’m Elesis and this is my first gfx website. I’ve been editing and making heads for quite a bit. Most of my posts will be edits though! I decided to make a gfx site and share some of the works I’ve done with you all! ✦‿✦ Please feel free to use/edit any of the posts here. I won’t be posting frequently due to my busy life in college ( ˃̵⌓˂̵)  however, I’ll try my best to check back often and read comments/messages and of course, post a lot ♥

here are 2 heads i edited when i was bored! i changed the bangs of both heads and added some edits to the hair to the head with blue eyes ^_^ both blink/enjoy~♥